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Do you live with someone that doesn't replace the loo roll once they've used it up (even worse just pops the empty cardboard roll to one side displaying it's pointless existence as if a fairy comes to take it away)?
Did you have a neighbour that seemed to completely ignore the lockdown rules and make up their own?
Do you have someone (either at work or home) that uses YOUR favourite mug on the sly?
Has someone in particular (or just every time you seem to leave the house) recently got too close to you and you've stepped back for a bit of space and they step forward into it?
Has a family member or friend pointed out that you've put on weight or looking a bit haggered lately (you know, in that tone of judgement and not from a caring concern)?

Chance's are if you've answered YES to all above then you NEED to enter this competition and get your hands on a free DBAD tee! Best of luck, and keep the box ticked below so I can complete your entry and be notified if you've WON!

The competition runs between 12pm GMT Sunday 23rd May 2021 - 12pm GMT 13th June 2021. 

The winner will be announced via Girl Club Design instagram and the individual will be notified by the email address they provide, no later than Monday 21st June 2021.

The winner can choose their preferred size and colour that are available on the Girl Club store.

Entires that are submitted are also joining the Girl Club mail list for future offers and new releases.

This competition is open worldwide. Anyone over the age of 18+ can enter. 

Thank you for joining in!

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